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  1. Jack + Pulseaudio

    I am using jack for several years now and i think its fucking amazing. It does what it should. But i am a little annoyed of setting it up time and time again, stop it to switch the soundcard, start it again, restart all the applications which couldn't switch from …

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  2. Manjaro fresh install

    I am back!

    I am back on my favorite linux distribution: Manjaro. Yesterday I did a fresh install after some time of using Arch Linux. The reason for the switch is, that Arch Linux does not have a nice looking, slim desktop environment and i dont want to spend a …

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  3. Shell Magic

    New ZSH

    I was using the grml-zsh for a long time now. Since the bash isn't that nice, i just installed the zsh-grml-config package of Arch Linux. Yesterday Micha recommended me the oh my zsh so i give it a try.


    At first we need to install the zsh …

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