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Make Manjaro XFCE Great Again

When I had a look at Manjaro XFCE I was surprised that XFCE can look good. This probably was in 2017. So I installed Manjaro on all my devices and since than, my Desktop looked somehow like this:

Manjaro XFCE 2017

I was happy with it since... I installed a new Manjaro XFCE for a friend and it looks like this:

Manjaro XFCE 2018

Since I really did not wanted to reinstalled, I tried to figure out what the changes are and how to apply them. So here we go.

Update Manjaro Themes

I decided to pick the light theme, if you prefer dark themes, feel free to choose the themes including Nokto.

At first we need to install some stuff:

sudo pacman -S adapta-maia-theme papirus-maia-icon-theme illyria-wallpaper noto-fonts

Please note: noto-fonts is a Google Font and you might want to avoid this. Also I think its not really a nice font, I prefer ttf-opensans.

Now we need to change a lot of settings in different places. I feel like this is not really user friendly, because one need to search a little for all these settings, but lets go through this.

The most obvious place is XFCE-Settings -> Appearance. Change the theme to Adapta-Eta-Maia, the Icons to Papirus-Maia and the Fonts to noto-fonts.

Next go to XFCE-Settings -> Window Manager. Change the theme to Adapta-Maia.

In XFCE-Settings -> Notifications change the theme to Adapta-Eta-Maia.

And last but not least in the XFCE-Settings we can go to LightDM Lockscreen settings and change the theme to Adapta-Eta-Maia and the Icons to Papirus-Adapta-Maia. I also changed the background image to illyria-default-lockscreen.jpg.

Additionally you have new Wallpappers installed which can be set as Desktop Background in XFCE-Settings -> Desktop.

Please note: Since my system is set to german, the names of the XFCE-Settings might not be right. I tried my best to find the original english terms, and I am sure one can find the right places.